Tresemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner Review

A conditioner adds the finishing touch to your hair, like icing on a cake that makes the cake yummier, the conditioner moisturizes and gives the hair more life and bounce.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner claims to help restore the keratin and nourishes each strand to leave the hair gorgeously shinier, straighter and more manageable. When it is used together with a shampoo it controls the frizz for up to 48 hours and transforms the hair to be straighter.

tresemme keratin conditioner

My Experience

Curiosity makes me try new products every time. When I heard of a shampoo + conditioner duo, which claims to make hair straighter for up to 48 hours I knew I had to try it. The conditioner comes in a white opaque sturdy bottle. The conditioner is white with a mild sweet fragrance. Now to my experience, the conditioner helps detangle the hair and makes it frizz free. It makes the hair feel smooth without weighing down. Expect your hair to be smoother rather than straighter. If you have very dry hair, the conditioner won’t cut it. This is a decent for regular use.

The Good

  • Makes hair manageable and soft
  • Keeps hair frizz free
  • Adds a bit of volume
  • Affordable.


The Bad

  • Doesn’t hold up to its claims of straighter hair
  • Not for very dry hair.


Would I repurchase this? Perhaps.

Actually, there is a good offer right now on Amazon where you can buy both TRESemme’ conditioner and hair shampoo in a very good price. Here it is:

Final Thoughts: A decent conditioner to soften, smoothen hair and help with frizz. Especially in combination with the shampoo is a great solution to try for your hair. I recommend it.

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