The Secrets Of Attraction

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You often wondered why less attractive men have success to beautiful women, what makes a women be seductive in the eyes of her partner and which are the unwritten laws of attraction between two persons of the opposite sex. You will be surprised to discover that size does not always matter and that men don’t avoid at all the ladies with generous shapes.
You can see clearly the difference between the criteria of attractiveness that are taken into account by men and women, by reading the matrimonial ads. While men seek an attractive physically partner, women consider as being important the wealth of a man and his social position.So you can explain why beautiful woman prefer men that are not so attractive, but they are more mature and have a good financial situation.Psychologists have explained that it is not really about materialism, it all resumes to the ancestral need of being safe and feeling protected.Another reason consists in the fact that women feel attracted by men that have certain characteristics similar to their parents.

Men prefer full sized shapes

When you look in fashion magazines, you are convinced that the ideal of female beauty and the perfect shape of the body is that of a teenage girl.In the last years, designers have promoted the thin figures.If you have some extra pounds, you don’t have to worry about.In reality, there are preferred those with a normal weight and not models.The attraction for full sized figures is supported by anthropological research. In some tribes, being a little more overweight than the rest, is a sign of prosperity. Therefore, we are attracted more by the faces of people around us than by the shape of their body.

Size doesn’t matter

Although breast adjustments are in fashion, especially in the showbiz industry, bigger does not necessary mean more attractive, according to the studies conducted by sociologists. In human evolution, there was no evidence for supporting the fact that breast size has any connection with fertility or health.Studies regarding the ideal breast size have not yet reached to any relevant conclusion.The preference for a certain breast size varies from a culture to another.

Slim waist and arched hips

What makes the women seem really attractive for men is a slim waist.The proof consists in the attraction exerted by divas such as:Marilyn Monroe, Venus de Milo, Sophia Loren and Scarlett Johansson. Besides the indisputable beauty of their face, they have something in common: slim waist and generous hips.It seems that men’s preference for this type of figure comes from the most ancient times, when a woman was considered attractive based on her health and fertility.

How tall should be an attractive man?

A tall man is always considered sexy and attractive. However, it seems that height is not the most significant criterion that women consider for choosing their partners.As a proof, tall men receive more answers to matrimonial ads.

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