The Right Swimsuit for your Body Type

What is the perfect swimsuit for your body?

We may not have realized that yet, but in less than a week we will formally welcome summer! Depending where you live, you may start your first baths. You will see your swimsuits and 99% you will decide to buy a new one for this year!To avoid falling into mistakes that will undermine your appearance, see how to choose your swimsuit this year to cover any imperfections and emphasize your body.

The first step in the right swimwear choice is to identify what your Body Type is! The five categories are: pear, apple, the hourglass, the tube and the strawberry.


The classic mediterranean body type that many Greeks and Italians have. Characteristics of it are the thin chest and waist and the “open” down region … stands out because it is quite the greatest.

What to choose

Your aim is to draw attention to the upper body to cover the region. Therefore, choose a bodice in light color. If you have abundant mercies, a bra with bold designs or ruffled at the top, which will be worn with a classic dark bottom, will draw attention to the points you want. If you have small breasts, you can magnetize the looks with a more revealing bra or a similarly female swimsuit that will emphasize your bust.

For the bottom, choose the monochrome and a slip that you will not “cut” in the middle. The classic cut and the vintage line will lengthen your torso, not accentuating the region.

What to avoid

The bra that does not “raise” the chest, such as triangles, and at the bottom “prohibitively” the plans, you tie up with string and boxer style.



If your waist is wider than the hips and the same loose your bust, you probably belong to the apple category.

What to choose

Accentuate your legs and generally the lower body, which is the most you can get. In this case, select the … uniformity. In bikini, the monochrome and thick straps should be your priority. At the bottom, you can be a little freer, wearing a slip with ruffles and piping or vintage cut. However, the best option for you is the one piece swimsuit with thicker straps and, if you’re adventurous, a deep neckline, which will focus the eyes.

What to avoid

Thin straps “cut” and will add more volume on top and low-astride underwear that show your torso shorter.



If the bust and hips are so wide but your waist is much smaller, then you are the classic type hourglass.

What to choose

maybe you’re the luckiest women category, once you feminine curves, you can highlight with many swimsuits. Almost all bikinis are perfect for you, but the bra to tie behind the neck and the balcony bra is perfect to show off your Happy! Still, any cut … your old cut fits perfectly. Remember the juicy style pin up girls and you will understand.

What to avoid

You are lucky, but something you should be careful … Do not use different colors on the top and bottom and avoid experimenting with various mix and match patterns, which can make your body look disproportionate.



Or else body type “banana”. The term refers to women in uniform and impossible body without imbalances, as hips, waist and bust are almost the same size.

What to choose

A rangy stature as it certainly does not pass unnoticed, but can be enriched with a few curves with appropriate optical tricks more feminine appearance. Swimsuits with details such as ruffles, bows and cords will give the illusion of curves. To the top of the triangles and the strapless bra is ideal. At the bottom, there is no restriction.

What to avoid

The balcony bra suitable for richer bodice and one piece swimsuit with straps that can make your body look more thankless. Instead, strapless piece is a very good choice.



If the shoulders or your chest is bigger than your waist, then you belong to the category of strawberries.

What to choose

The best cut for this body type is the neckline V. Therefore, the bra that tie around the neck have a field day. Those who have large breasts, they may choose a bra reinforced with thicker straps for better support. At the bottom, you have the … free!

What to avoid

The triangles and thin straps that emphasize more shoulders.

Extra tips

* Do not fall into the trap of buying swimwear that will make you lose some pounds after or after tan. Shop according to your current appearance.

* Take the best and most honest “advisor”, you know that will not flatter you not to disappoint you ….

* Do not choose a swimsuit just because it suits you. If you do not like, not going to feel comfortable when you wear it.

Apart from these ‘technical’ advice, always remember that the greatest weapon to show off your body is your confidence! We guarantee that is what most sexy to you.

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