Makeup Tips for Puffy Eyes

First of all, what is puffy eyes? Puffy eyes or swelling around the eyes, refers to the appearance of swelling around the eyes (in the tissues), called the orbits. Most of the times it is caused by fluid that is build up on the area around the eyes. The Minor puffiness that is usually shown below the eyes is often called eye bags.

Eye puffiness may also be caused by oversleeping/sleep deprivation, fluid retention, diet, alcohol and tobacco use, allergies, skin disorders, normal aging, crying and etc. Puffy eyes are frustrating as they can detract from your overall appearance and cause a tired, worn-out look. While there are remedies that can be used to reduce puffy eyes, they can’t always eliminate the swelling all the way.

But don’t worry, certain makeup techniques can be employed to reduce the look of puffy eyes. Always remember this trick: to contour, use darker color (preferably brown) to push back the skin areas that are receeding and to push forward the areas that are naturally prominent, use lighter color to highlight. For the difficult mornings when you are in a rush and you look like you never slept you can always use makeup in order to hide the puffiness.

Here’s the trick:

puffy eyes
Before and After: Can you see the difference?
First picture: I have a little bit of swelling on my eye lids as you can see on the picture. I have it usually when I wake up in the morning. 
Second picture: The puffy eyes or swelling area has been push back because the highlighter has brought forward the areas that are naturally prominent. The swelling becomes not obvious anymore. The eyeliner is to draw attention away from the puffiness.

Puffy eyes can be lifted up by using neutral colors like beige and taupe. They are best to use on the top lid. Light brown tones work well as well. And a pale shade of ivory/shimmery white just below the eyebrow line. If you have small eyes you should use a light base shadow like pale pink, yellow, cream or taupe on your lids. This makes your eyes look bigger. For under eye puffiness, regular foundation can be used to try and hide puffiness. When the area has serious swelling, a bit darker foundation shade is recommended to be applied to the rest of the face. Apply dark eyeliner, such as dark brown or black to the upper lash line to enhance the eyes and draw attention away from the puffiness. Do not apply any makeup to the lower lash line as that actually draws attention to the puffy lower-eye area. Apply dark mascara on the top lashes to finish off the look. Last but not least, you should consider using a brighter lipstick to tone your lips and draw attention away from the eye area.

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