Most Powerful Natural Recipe for Swollen Feet

Swollen feet is caused from the increased liquid volume in the interstitial space. This increased liquid volume is due to the heat, problems with blood vessels, kidney disorders, pregnancy, heart failure, hormonal disorders etc.

Traditional medicine has a wide arsenal of various means for the swelling, but perhaps the most effective of them – is the infusion of parsley, which shows effective but gently excess fluids from the body.

swollen feet recipe

Parsley Infusion for Swollen Feet

To prepare the infusion of parsley you are going to use, you need plant’s greens with root, in other words the whole plant.

swollen feet recipe with infusion

Wash the plant and mash it well. Put the mass into a thermos and pour 500 ml boiling water there. Once the drink got infused all night, drain and drink it in the morning. This amount of liquid is calculated for 1 day.

Drink the injection for 2 consecutive days, take a break for 3 days and then drink again for 2 days.

From the next day you will notice a decrease in feet swelling and you can easily wear your favorite shoes!


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