Jovees 24 Carat Gold Eye Contour Gel Review

To start I have panda eyes, I develop dark circles easily and am always on the lookout for new eye creams to try. Some have shown results, some have failed me. Read more to find out if the Jovees 24 Carat Gold Eye Contour Gel worked for me.


The product claims to be “A unique formulation that contains precious herbs and botanicals along with pure gold which help in rejuvenating sensitive cells under the eyes, aids in removing the dark circles and tends to give a fresh look to the delicate area that exists under the eyes.”


My Experience

Jovees eye contour gel claims to contain pure gold which helps in brightening and lightening the under eye area. The golden gel sinks into the skin easily, but does leave a weird sticky feeling. Unlike most gels, this did not give much of a cooling sensation. One should also be careful while using this as it stings if it gets inside the eye. With regular use I saw my under eye area appear a bit brighter, but when I stopped using the gel for a few days I noticed my dark circles go back to its usual in a very brief period. It is one of those products if you stop using for even 2-3 days you go back to doomsday. If you have panda eyes like me you’d take long to see results with this gel and the results fade quickly once you stop using the product. It is a decent product but one that failed to impress me much.

jovees eye contour gel

The Good

  • Absorbs into the skin easily
  • Mild fragrance
  • Can be applied underneath makeup
  • Sturdy transparent packaging.


The Bad

  • Stings if it gets inside the eyes
  • Dark circles becomes worse once you stop using the product for even 2-3 days
  • Leaves the under eye area a little sticky.

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Would I repurchase this? Maybe, this was an okay product for me.

Final Thoughts: Jovees is a gel based eye gel, which works well if you have mild dark circles. While it sinks into the skin easily, it does leave a slightly sticky feeling.


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