How To Use Black Lipstick This Year

It is this winter’s hottest trend. Will you adopt it?

The black color of the lips is not something that we see for the first time. Whether on the catwalk or in street style looks, the dark lips did their appearance quite often but without any of us having any desire to copy this look.

But now? the trend of black lips seems to be taking off this season and we have to give you some useful tips to adopt it in the most correct way.

Pixelformula  Emanuel Ungaro Womenswear  Beauty Backstage Winter 2015 - 2016 Ready To Wear  Paris

First of all,the black color on the lips, objectively speaking, does not suit all women and is not suitable for all circumstances. It is a difficult color that will not be chosen in the morning for work, or for a child’s party. It should be used along with clothes in rock style combined with glamour mood but always scruffy style and casual items. Biker boots and leather skirts are considered to be a great combination.

Pixelformula  Emanuel Ungaro Womenswear  Beauty Backstage Winter 2015 - 2016 Ready To Wear  Paris

Well, what about the beauty look?

Having in mind the inviolable law that wants to maintain balance by focusing on one part of your face, you realize that since we speak of black lips, other features remain in obscurity.

How to:

1. Specifically, since the black lips are those that will steal the show, make sure to create a flawless base that will stand worthy supernumerary, without shifting the center of attention. Apply a foundation all over the face in the right shade that will cover any imperfections and tonal changes.

2. Fill your eyebrows’ gap with an eyebrow pencil or shadow in the right shade to give some intensity to the look because you are not going to use any makeup product on this area.

Extra tip: If you want to “warm” your eyes and create a more cosy look apply a little amount of brown shadow using your fingers.

3. Use a little amount of blush on your cheekbones in earthy color and optionally top it with a touch of pink on your apples for a healthy sense and in order to avoid a pale result.

4. Finally, apply your lipstick carefully and if you want an accurate look it would be good to design the shape of your lips using a pencil in the same color.

how to apply black lipstick

how to black lipstick this winter

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