How to Prevent Your Hair from Getting Greasy

You are not the only one who wash your hair in the morning and you see that until noon they have lost their freshness and you have to shampoo them again. To say goodbye to greasy hair once and for all, see what you should do. We assure you that you do not need any treatment, nor any visit to the hairdresser.

You may like warm bath but…

When hair come in contact with very hot water, it produces more oil and becomes greasy easily. Experts recommend that washing with lukewarm water is very beneficial for our hair. Correspondingly, we must be careful with the temperature at which we set the hair. Prefer less warm scale and you will soon see the difference. I remember my grandma always said to rinse our hair one last time with cold water.

Talc is not only for children

“It makes” a joy for your hair. Sprinkle a little talc/baby powder at the roots of your hair and mix it with your fingers. The ingredients seem to dry out the hair and give it its lost freshness. It is a temporary solution but miraculous.

Conditioner: Enemy or friend?

Although it gives silky texture of our hair, the conditioner probably do more harm than good to those that have oily hair. If your hair does not “mingle” easily, we advise you to forget conditioner for a while. Application of conditioner even at the ends of the hair causes overproduction of oils, which in turn cause greasy appearance.

You can wash your hair with water only

A new trend is to be bathed with water only. This practice is particularly aimed at those who have oily hair. Many of the residues left by shampoos and the chemicals can aggravate the problem.

And to prove it, see how this girl’s hair has changed when she began bathing with water only:

* In the early days of the test, you probably feel that your hair is very oily, but they will not look like it.

* If it seems quite daring, you can not completely leave the shampoo …just give a day off once per week.

Change brush

Brushes with many small “teeth” will carry the oil from the roots and the center of the head across the surface. In contrast, those having fewer “teeth” with a greater spacing is ideal for the hair for the opposite reason.

Hide your Straightener

Yes, straight hair is chic, almost all women like it and is always in fashion, but if this is not your natural hair style, the use of a straightener is probably the one that gives your hair the oily appearance. Especially if you have curly hair, let them unfold freely. The curly hair has the advantage to look always clean and fresh.

lemon juice before shampooing

Another secret from the grandma.

Beware: this tip applies only for women who do not color their hair. The juice of two lemons with a cup of water will do wonders. After you just wash your hair with plain water, apply the mixture to the roots and make good massage. Leave to act for a few minutes and then rinse. The acidity of the lemon is the one that will save you from unwanted fats.

If you insist washing your hair the usual way

Do it0 at least at the morning hours. The glands that produce sebum “work” more in the evening, so the breakfast shampooing removes it with greater success.

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