How To Apply Your Lipstick Right

Until now we used to believe that just putting lipstick on our lips was enough to make them look impressive. For truly sensual and sexy lips try to use a simple trick: simply draw an “X”on your top lip . According to the professionals, this is the secret for fleshy lips.

What you’ll need

Your favorite lipstick or lip gloss and a lip pencil in the same hues.

how to draw perfect lips

How to do it

1. Pull one diagonal line down using the pencil, starting from the right side of the center.

2. Repeat on the left side in order to form an X.

3. Starting again from right, paint the perimeter lip reaching the outer corner and apply the same on the left side.

4. Starting from the outer corners of the lower lip, paint the perimeter until you reach the middle.

5. Then, pass the lip gloss or lipstick over the lines that have already formed and slowly fill the half lip.

6. Repeat on the remaining half.

7. Finally, fill the lower lip, starting from the middle.


The result will impress you … so simple!




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