5 Exercises For Wrinkles on Face

Do you want to delay the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks on your face? All that you need to do is some yoga fitness exercises!

If you have wrinkles, the combination of a good anti-wrinkle cream and exercises will impress you! Let’s get started ūüôā


Use your right thumb and close your right nostril, inhale through your left nostril counting to 5 (out of you), keeping a slow pace.

Close the other nostril with the little finger and count slowly to 5.

Then exhale through the left, counting to 8.

Repeat 5-6 times.

That way you fill up your skin with oxygen and strengthen your respiratory system.


Puff cheeks!yoga exercises

Fill your cheeks with air while simultaneously inhale air.

Hold your breathing as long as you can afford, bringing air from the right to the left cheek. Take the air out of your nose slowly.

Repeat 3-5 times, to strengthen the cheek and the part above and below the lips.


Sucked cheeks! (smiling fish yoga)sucking cheeks

Inhale sucking your cheeks while you try to smile. This exercise is called the smiling fish.

Hold your breath and then release the air slowly through your nose. Make 3-5 repetitions.

This exercise stretches the 2 edges of the lips and revives your cheeks.


Massage in the eyes! eye massage

Perform a natural face-lift, rest your neurons and release the imprisoned energy. Use your index fingers to touch the niches of your eyes and make a light massage, counting to 10.

Now with all fingers, press and push the volume under your eyebrows. Make a light massage on niches and edges of the eyes for 10 seconds.

Do not forget to breath slowly.


The Lion!

the lion


This exercise is called the lion because you will have to produce a roar.

You inhale and exhale, you open your mouth and use your tongue to touch your chin.

You look over and back and roar. Your fingers that lie on you knees should stretch upwards like mammal claws, stretching upward like mammal claws.

Do 3 repetitions in order to activate all the muscles of your face!

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