Excersises to Get Rid of Double Chin

Getting rid of double chin is a problem for many people. The fat lying under the chin is embarrassing and also hard to get lost. There are many reasons that cause a double chin. It can be due to obesity, due to aging or because of extra pounds acquired recently.

Fortunately, there are some solutions to help you get rid of the double chin. One of them is liposuction. But there are also some other ways to make your double chin disappear through exercise.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Double Chin.

1. Make sure you stand / sit with your spine straight. Look toward the ceiling. In this position make a movement with your lips likeĀ a kiss. This exercise has a good effect on the chin and if you repeat this 5-7 times it could produce good results.
2. The second exercise deals with the opening of the muscle located between the chin and shoulder. Pull back your lips and open your mouth. Then slowly move the lower jaw upwards and downwards. Try to do this 5-10 times as it is very effective for the loss of the fat under the chin.doublechin1

Watch the video below to get a fuller picture about these excersises

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