Big Truths About Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair growth is definitely an issue for most women. The Dermatologists – Mr. Kapetanakis answers in our 4 most important questions that come to mind when talking about laser hair removal.

Many methods of temporary hair removal exist like shaving, depilatory creams, waxing etc. and certainly we don’t know what to choose and why.
In recent laser devices have been developed that claim to offer a permanent solution using the laser technology. Let’s see what are the side effects of such devices and if we can use them on all hair types.truths about laser hair removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

The doctor explains: “In recent years laser technology developed for hair removal and became popular. There is a big amount of information and/or misinformation about laser devices that causes a great confusion among consumers.”

“First of all it has nothing to do with radiation. The main source is a lamp that emits at a specific wavelength. The light beam of the lamp is enhanced by passing an amplifier and reaches the outlet of the machine. Things are simple! Practically there are only two types of laser hair removal that do a good job: the diode laser and the alexandrite laser. Many ask what is the IPL laser. The answer is that it is not a laser, but a soft laser using pulsed light that do depilation. “explains Mr. Kapetanakis.

How Often Should I Do Treatments?

“It depends on the area of the treatment. For face every 1,5 months and for other body parts every 2 months. The rule is that laser works perfectly the first 2 weeks that hair grows back.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

“In hormone-dependent areas (face, loin, breast nipples) 15-20 sessions are needed. For legs and arms around 8-10”.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects?

Practically none. Very often people are afraid about the areas of armpit and bikini by the existence of lymph nodes. But the lymph nodes are everywhere! The laser is color targeted and in this case the target is black. It starts working on the target that is melanin and stops where melanin ends, i.e. the radical. In other words, it does not passes the hair, the skin entering the body and searching the lymph nodes to destroy them !!! Thus there is maximum safety where hair exists. “reveals the doctor.

Can Laser Be Applied On All Hair Types?

“No, it can usually be applied only on black or dark blonde hair. It cannot be used on white or light blonde hair.”

Do We Stop Laser Treatments In Summer?

“This is a big issue, a right laser machine and an experienced doctor can perform hair removal 12 months per year”. Non quality machines and mainly non-experienced doctors should not perform treatments in the summer.

I would also like to say that laser hair removal is a strictly medical treatment. Unfortunately many colleagues do not see it like that and we see that beauticians, nurses etc. start performing laser treatments on patients. That way we can have side effects like burns and facial fluffy hair hits that make the hair grow more on the face.

In conclusion I would like to say that laser hair removal is the safest method, only when applied from an experienced doctor.”

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  1. Its good to know all important details about laser hair removal. This will assure a lot of possible clients that it is safe to do.

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