9 Beauty Tips To Keep You Beautiful The Whole Day

9 beauty tips for the dayAre you out of bronzer? Do you want to decrease frizz? Do you want to create your own polish just using a shadow?

There are many beauty tips that will give you a fast solution in a minute!

Here you will find 9 of them ..



1. Use lip balm to tame the hair of your eyebrows.
2. Use some eyeliner to your eyebrows to fill some gaps. Select a tone one shade lighter than your natural color.
3. Put hairspray on an old toothbrush and use it on your frizzy hair.
4. Use brown shade to give a bronze tone to your cheeks if you are out of bronzer.
5. Every time you put a layer of mascara, add some talcum powder for babies in order to give greater volume to your lashes.
6. Put petroleum jelly on body parts where you use your fragrance for a longer duration.
7. Shuffle lotion with bronzer for an easy DIY self tanner.
8. Before you paint it your nails, spread some petroleum jelly to get away with smearing.
9. Make your own polish by mixing a transparent powder of an eye-shadow in the shade that you want.

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