8 Nail Art Ideas For 2016

Beyond hair and makeup, your nails are the best way to express your sense of style. Whether you’re a minimalist or you often channel a whimsical style, nail art can help you get creative. Just like anything else, trends in nail art change every now and then. So what are the latest trends in nail polish and nail art? Take a look at these creative and amazing ideas:


1. Stripes – From multicolor and silvery stripes to vertical stripes, striped nail art is a minimal yet quirky way to get creative. These are easy to make and you can experiment with various contrasting colors to create different designs. What about chrome stripes on chocolate brown nails? Or maybe bright-colored stripes on natural nails is more your style. You could even go for the classic monochromatic black stripe on white nails.

nail art 1Source: So Nailicious


2. Geometric prints – Circles, triangles, and graphic shapes are huge this year. If you’re into quirky style, you could paint each nail in different prints such as squares and lines. Try to go for a different color scheme for each nail to make this trend work. This could create an eclectic look and can either be worn with fashion basics or a whimsical outfit. If you’re more of a minimalist, maybe you could paint a small circle on each nail and leave it at that.
nail art 2Source: Cosmopolitan           


3. Textured – Put an edgy twist to an otherwise minimal nail polish by adding some texture. Get inspired by fabrics like denim, leather, or lace and recreate that texture with your nail art. You could even create a pattern inspired by textures from everyday objects such as your make-up box. 3D patterns and paint splatters are just a few ideas for textured nail design. It would literally be like creating art on your nails.                                         

nail art 3Source: Fab Fatale                                                                             


4. Ombre – If you’re not so keen on channeling the ombre hair color trend, go for ombre nail art. There are endless possibilities when trying this trend. Maybe you could go for something minimal with subtle pastels over nude nails. Otherwise, you could go for something much bolder with rich tones over black nail polish. Just make sure to go for something that would go with your everyday look.                                                                   nail art 4Source: Drama Queen Nails                                                           


5. 3D charms – Add some flair to your solid nail polish with metallic 3D charms. Small stones, crystals, and embellishments work like a charm (pun intended) in creating some amazing nail art. It’s somewhat like adding an extra bit of sparkle to your typical mani. While this may not be an ideal trend for everyday wear, you could sport it with your Halloween costume or with a fancy outfit.

nail art 5

Source: Sorta


6. New-age metallic – Metallics have always been huge not just with nails but in fashion accessories. This time round, there’s a whole new trend to metallic nail art in the form of layers and unusual mixtures. Have you ever seen the magnificent colors that reflect from oil? Take inspiration from that and have your nails painted to look like you’ve just dipped them in black gold. You could also go for textured metallic designs for a less edgy look.


nail art 6Source: Nail Polish Wars                                                                    


7. Bold and bright tips – Put a fun twist to minimalist nail design by adding bright colors to the tip of your bare nails. Instead of the usual white, opt to get a French manicure with bold colors like green or blue for instance. This is a great place to get started with nail art, because there’s not much you need to do.
nail art 7Source: Glam Check                                                                                                                                                                                

8. Dainty patterns – Mix whimsical with delicate by getting your nail done in dainty designs. From pineapples and floral designs to separated French manis, there are multiple ways to pull off this look. Opt for muted jewel tones like opal or coral that are subtler than the usual bright colors associated with nail art.
nail art 8Source: Nailed It

Now you have plenty of options when creating fun and creative nail art. Just make sure you go for a design that goes with your personality and style choice. Otherwise, you could experiment and see which one works best for you. Whatever you do, try to have fun expressing yourself and creating art with your nails.




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