7 Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

According to recent studies, lying down and enjoying the night sleep naked makes particular good to the body.

Below you can read some benefits of sleeping naked that you probably didn’t know till now.

1. Naked sleep keeps you young and beautiful

When the body temperature is at 21 degrees Celsius, then the anti-aging hormones, melatonin and growth hormone are activated on our body and are more beneficial for us. At this temperature, which we maintain while sleeping naked, skin and hair cells regenerate according to the study of Cheri Mah of the University of Stanford. Over time we will show up to 10 years younger.
However, you should make sure that your hands and legs are warm. The decrease in body temperature is achieved because blood is sent to the blood vessels of the skin, particularly to the hands and feet, and from there the heat is lost to the environment. But if the hands and feet are cold, the blood vessels in the skin constrict and reduce blood flow. Thus the temperature of the central body will not be able to fall so easily.

2. You feel happier and less stressed

With the naked sleep, the body produces more oxytocin, the “love hormone”. When we come in contact with another naked body we produce more oxytocin. The couple sleeping together naked, feels better, the two people safer, while the pressure is reduced, protecting the heart, decreases stress and generally strengthens the immune system.

3. Better sleep quality

When we are on the deep sleep phase the body needs to drop our temperature at least half a degree . If something prevents the temperature drop the brain is activated more strongly and we wake up. The clothes elevate temperature and in ideal temperature conditions,if we avoid them we make the deep sleep phase easier. The study of UniSA’s Centre for Sleep Research Australia also notes that sleeping with clothes on can lead over time to a partial loss of memory, and a complicated function of the brain.
In 2008 a Dutch study reported the benefits of sleeping naked. Volunteers were asleep wearing a device that allow researchers to regulate the temperature of the skin without changing body temperature.
The research team found that when the skin temperature increased by just 0.4 degrees Celsius volunteers were much less likely to wake up in the night. In elderly volunteers, this action was intense: The increase of 0.4 degrees Celsius almost doubled to deep sleep and reduced the risk of waking up on early morning from 50% to 4%.
To ensure that the body temperature will fall well at night, do not wear socks.

4. Better “breathing” of the genitals

When we seel naked we help to make better use of the “thermostat” of the genitals and thus easier to sleep. In women, when the specific area is overheated, it is more prone to higher than normal concentration of bacteria in the area. In men, high temperatures affect fertility. On the other hand, the annoying sweat of the specific area is a problem common to both men and women.

5. Sense of freedom

A human sleeping naked feels free, which helps to psychologically reduce anxiety and stress.

6. Brown fat

In one study, after four weeks of sleeping on a temperature of 19 degrees Celsius volunteers doubled the amount of coffee fat.
The cold environment weakens activating brown fat which produces 300 times more heat than any other organ in the body. This means that if you activate the brown fat for prolonged periods then you spend calories. Of course, this expenditure of energy is not enough to lose weight but the study showed that insulin resistance was improved.
Also, sleeping naked can help to prevent the development of yeast infections. The warm environment conducive to the development of certain pests. And if you wear tight underwear that means less air in the area and are more likely to sweat which can cause irritation.

7. Lower cortisol levels and fat in the abdomen

In normal sleep patterns, as the body temperature drops and the growth hormone rises, cortisol is decreased. The body is resting and really recovering between 10pm and 2p.m., where cortisol is at the lower levels. From 2:00 a.m. adrenal glands or stress glands begin to work on the production of cortisol in preparation for the next day, which is located on the tops 4 am and reaches its highest point at around 6:00 a.m. – Exactly the right time to wake up feeling energy.
If you do not sleep enough at night, you wake up with a level of cortisol that is abnormally high. This stimulates the appetite, especially towards comfort foods like muffins, cookies, cakes, etc., brings a tendency to over-consumption of food, increases the tension and stress and creates belly fat – even in people who are generally slim.
High levels of cortisol weaken the immune system, raise blood pressure and cholesterol, increase appetite, disrupt normal sleep patterns, lower the libido and increase the desire for sugar and carbohydrates. Also contributes to other hormonal imbalances and disease, including PMS, infertility, thyroid disease, and disorders of blood sugars.

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