10 Beautiful Summer Hairstyles

When seasons change, our mood and style change too. In summertime, they get along with the “happy weather”. Our hair needs some extra care in summertime, but also some special hairstyles. If you want to change your hairstyle but you are afraid to experiment with a new haircut, prefer to bring the summer on your hair with the best summer hairstyles. Here are 10 excellent ideas for the perfect summer hairstyle.

Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Curly hair have more volume and maybe they are more difficult to handle.

This does not mean that we cannot experiment with hairstyles that will give us some relief from their volume.

1. Braids – Crowns


Divide your hair into four parts, make them braids and secure the one on top of the other. This will tame your curls without having to straighten them.


2. Bows


Divide the hair into 3 sections and pass each tuft through the previous one. At the end, “seal” the last tuft using a rubber band.

Prefer transparent plastic rubbers to keep them invisible.



3. The classic… meatballs


Take tufts from the sides, join them and form the known “meatballs”, wrapping them around themselves. “Seal each one very well using a pair of hairgrips”.


4. A princely bow


If you really want to impress you could make your hair a…bow. It is easier than you think and if you think that it is not suitable for curly hair you are wrong. See exactly how to do it in the following 3-minute video.

Summer Haircuts for Straight Hair

Women with natural straight hair are considered to be lucky , but often tend to experiment with other hairstyles. This summer, move away from the classic straight and experiment with the most ethereal hairstyles.


5. Hair on the Beach in 5 minutes

Hair-Hack-1-5-Minute-Beach-Waves (1)_2

The most classic summer hairstyle is wavy hair, a hairstyle that makes you look like you have just walked out the sea. In order to avoid the ironing discomfort there is an alternative way: Split your hair in the middle, swing each tuft and then warm it a little bit using the hairdryer. This is a hairstyle you can achieve in just 5 minutes.



6.A rose on your head.


Initially, pave your hair to avoid the flying tufts and then catch them up with a rubber band. Then, open them in the middle with your fingers creating a hole and pass them through. Then, make the classic French braid and open it to acquire more volume. In the end, wrap and fasten with -perhaps more than one- hairgrips.



7. Another type of ponytail


If you are in a hurry and you just want to have the classic ponytail, this is simple trick that makes something extraordinary but simple.


8. The Dutch Braid


To prevent the tufts from bothering you all the time, put them in braids- crown that wraps around the head. Start from the one side making a braid and take little tufts going to the middle. Repeat the same procedure from the other side and use the one braid to create a crown. Put it into place using a hairgrip. Do the same for the second braid and place it under the first braid using a hairgrip. Here is a video that explains the Dutch Braid in detail:


“Joker Card” Hairstyles

These are some hairstyles that fit any type of hair.

2-steps Chignon Hairstyle

Hair-Hack-5-2-Step-Updo (1)_2Divide your hair in the middle and then wrap the two strands together. Next, create a large meatball. Secure them using hairgrips up, down, left and right. This is the easiest chignon, even for formal occasions. If you want to enhance it prefer hairgrips with summer drawings or rhinestone details.


10. Bandana




Whether you have short, curly, straight or long hair you can use a bandana to have a happy summer look. Make a ponytail or a high chignon and enhance your hairstyle using a bandana. This is a smart move that can add to your style.

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