Fitbit Charge HR Review 2015

fitbit charge HR

In early 2015 Fitbit relased 2 activity trackers the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge. Both of these trackers feature accurate heart-rate monitors and plenty of other activity-tracking features. In this article we will talk and review Fitbit Charge HR, which is a newer version of Fitbit Charge that was released in late 2014. The Fitbit Surge device has […]

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How To Cook Healthier

how to cook healthier

Eating healthy does not mean lacking my favorite foods, eating only salads or milk and water-boiled foods. Cooking healthier is easier than we think. In fact, there are some very easy tips we could use in our cooking habits, that help us cook and eat healthier and tastier. Below, we give you some tips that will be proved very important for your […]

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Mariah Carey Signs Her Own Mac Lipstick

mariah carey lipstick

Another famous name added to the list of MAC collaborations, announcing the release of a new collection that will brings the signature of Mariah Carey. The famous singer joins forces with women’s favorite brand in order to produce a collection called «Beauty Icon», which will be available in 2016. But should we wait till 2016? No we won’t wait, because in Christmas […]

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How To Use Black Lipstick This Year

black lipstick

It is this winter’s hottest trend. Will you adopt it? The black color of the lips is not something that we see for the first time. Whether on the catwalk or in street style looks, the dark lips did their appearance quite often but without any of us having any desire to copy this look. But now? the trend of black […]

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5 Exercises For Wrinkles on Face

yoga exercises

Do you want to delay the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks on your face? All that you need to do is some yoga fitness exercises! If you have wrinkles, the combination of a good anti-wrinkle cream and exercises will impress you! Let’s get started Breaths! Use your right thumb and close your right nostril, inhale through your left nostril […]

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